D100 Radio Announces Partnership with the United Nations


Multi-year agreement brings UN programs to D100 Radio listeners


NEW YORK, NEW YORK – APRIL 14, 2022 – D100 Radio today announced a partnership with the United Nations, bringing the UN’s top audio programs to D100 Radio listeners. In late April, the first United Nations program will begin broadcasting on D100 Radio’s livestream—available on iHeartRadio, Apple Music, the D100 Radio mobile app, and more.


“News in Brief” will become the first UN program to broadcast on D100 Radio.


“News in Brief” will become the first UN program to air on D100 Radio. The program, produced by the UN’s top editors from around the world, brings listeners the daily global news in just under five minutes. Covering everything from foreign affairs to uplifting stories, “News in Brief” will become the first news program ever to air on D100 Radio. It will be seamlessly integrated into the D100 Radio broadcast every weekday.

“We’re honored to work with such an influential organization to help promote world peace and security through our platform. With the UN’s myriad of programs, D100 Radio listeners will be able to hear what’s happening globally while listening to the world’s top music.”

– Dylan Carollo, D100 Radio’s CEO

“News in Brief” will air beginning April 25, 2022, at 6pm Eastern Standard Time. Learn more about the program here.


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